We got a spot on the court for YOU!



Rules of tournament play:Rules of Battle


Building Your Team

Your team can consist of male or female players aged 8 through 18. Team divisions are divided by ages: 8-10, 11-14 and 15-18. Teams are made of three players. Male, female or a combination. You may add up to five members to your team, to serve as a substitute. Only three players on the court at a time.

$100 Team Registration Fee

Limited Teams Available

Due to space considerations, our upcoming tournaments will be limited. Make your reservation ASAP. All online payments are handled via Pay Pal/credit card. Full fee is due at time of registration. All entry fees are non-refundable.

Rules and guidelines for creating your team

Each Team will play at least three games. There will be a two game play in and then a single elimination structure to determine the champion in each division.

Give your team a name. Feel free to be fun and creative, but keep it within lines of something family friendly and non-offensive. Should we find your name inappropriate, we reserve the right to change it and issue you a new generic name alternative. We are not trying to be mean, we are just trying to keep things safe and fun for everyone.

Choose a team captain who will be responsible for communicating with Battle team management for your schedule and court assignments, along with any other communication we need to relay to your team. For youth teams, you team captain will need to be an adult over the age 18. Parents make great team captains.

Bring matching shirts for all your team members. You don’t have to professional jerseys printed, but you do need to all be in the same color.  Your shirts can be plain or contain graphics/text, but like your team name, we ask that you keep content on shirts clean and appropriate for all audiences. Your shirts can have sleeves or be sleeveless, but should not have open sides or show off your chest.

“Don’t forget your photo ID”. Please wear appropriate shoes and playing shorts for the event. We want you to be comfortable to win this thing! you’re going to work up a sweat so feel free to bring a towel and adequate fluids to stay hydrated. Water and sports drinks work best. Also, bring money for our on-site food trucks.

“Inclement Weather Policy”  In the event that the weather gets totally out of control and we cannot play due to safety issues, we will reschedule the event.

Basic Tournament Rules

Fair & Fun Play

By registering to play in our tournament, you must agree to play honestly and fairly, within a healthy family-friendly competitive play. Please keep in mind our tournaments are for the entire family, including those who come out to watch and cheer. No rough housing, foul language, cheating or inappropriate conduct will be allowed.

Support & Sharing

You understand we are hosting a fun event and as such you agree to participate at your own risk and do not hold Battle 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament responsible for any injury sustained during the tournament. We’d also like to share photographs of our tournaments, so by agreeing to play, you consent to our photo policy.

Attire & Communication

You will remain in your team jersey while active in the competition. Your team or adult leader will have a cell phone on premises for easy communication with our Battle coordinator. You agree to play safely and under the permission of your parent or legal guardian (if under 18) and/or under the guidance of your medical professional for health reasons.

For Those Under 18

All minors will be required to present a signed parental permission form the day of the event. For youth teams, we require an adult (over 18) to serve as the team leader for communication with Battle 3 on 3. This person must be on site the day of the tournament. Only one adult per youth team required – parent, older sibling, etc. can serve as team leader.

Meet Our Supporting Partners

Helping us bring this great tournament to the community takes the help of a lot of players and we’re honored to partner with these amazing organizations for 2017. Without their continued support, Battle 3 on 3 wouldn’t be possible. Be sure and check them out and let them know you found them through Battle 3 on 3.

Are you as excited as we are?

This tournament is going to rock your city and we hope you’ll be apart of the excitement. The games, the fun, the food trucks, and all designed to give you the best experience possible. Come shoot hoops with your friends and see how far you can go. You might just win!