• Each team must have 3, 4, or 5 players on their roster and be registered as a team by the predetermined deadline.
  • Team will be grouped in divisions with teams of similar average age, size, and playing experience.
  • Player eligibility will be enforced through the use of player ID bracelets. Identification for each player is required at on-site registration (players under age 16 can use birth certificate.)
  • Eligibility problems will be addresses from time of discovery. No replay of games or adjustment will be allowed for previous tournament games and standing involving the team in question.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be allowed for player consumption on site.
  • Players may appear on only one (1) team roster for each tournament,. Any player appearing on more than one (1) team roster will have to choose one (1) team to play for.


  • All games must start with at least 3 players but can be completed with less.
  • Both teams will warm-up at the same time prior to the game.
  • Only those teams scheduled to play are allowed to occupy the court at the scheduled time.
  • Teams MUST be at their court at their scheduled time, even if games are “running behind”.


  • A field goal is worth one (1) point. A technical foul results in one free throw attempt plus possession of the ball.
  • A successful goal from behind the “take back” line (approx. 20”) is worth two (2) points. The player shooting must have both feet completely behind the line when initiating the attempt.
  • Games are played to 16 points – win by 2 or first one to 20, or team ahead after 25 minutes, wins.
  • In case of a tie score at the end of regulation there will be a coin flip to determine possession and the first basket wins.


  • A coin flip before the start of the game will determine who gets the ball out-of-bounds first. The team on the top of the bracket will call the coin toss.
  • The ball will change possession after a scored basket.
  • All jump balls will be called by the BATTLE referee and will go to the team on defense
  • The front of the portable baskets will be played out-of-bounds. The top of the backboard is out-of-bounds; however, the sides and bottom of the backboard are in play.
  • The ball must be checked by an opposing player before it is put into play. The player must pass the ball in at the top of the court to begin play.
  • The ball must be “taken back” past the two point line on each and every change of possession. Violation occurs only if a basket is made by the team failing to properly “take it back”, and will result in a loss of point scored and possession to the other team.
  • “Taking back” means one foot behind the tow point line.


  • Every court will have at least one (1) BATTLE Referee. All fouls and violations will be called by the BATTLE Referee.
  • If a foul is called while a player is attempting a shot and the basket is made then count the basket, record the foul and no foul shot is awarded. On the 7th thru 12th team fouls, award a free throw for all fouls and the ball changes possession if the free throw is made or missed. After the 12th team foul, award a free throw for all fouls if the free throw is made or missed the fouled team retains possession.
  • A BATTLE Referee may call a technical foul for flagrant, intentional fouls. A dead ball technical foul shot will be awarded to the team fouled. The team captain selects the shooter for one shot from free throw distance. The shooting team also retains possession of the ball following the free throw, whether the shot is made or missed.
  • Continual misconduct or flagrant/intentional fouling will result in immediate dismissal of the guilty player or team from that particular game and/or all remaining games at the discretion of AN OFFICIAL BATTLE SPOKESPERSON. Fighting and/or throwing a punch will not be tolerated under ANY circumstances and will result in immediate dismissal without refund.


  • Each team is allowed two (2) 45 second time-outs per game. Clock continues to run, except last 3 minutes.
  • Player substitution is permitted during any dead ball situation.


  • The team captain is the sole spokesperson for his/her team.
  • Any questions, complaints, or comments shall be taken up with the Court Referee.
  • The judgment decisions of the Court Referee cannot be changed by higher authority. Only questions concerning rule interpretation or eligibility are appealable.
  • Once play resumes after a disagreement or appeal, the decision is considered to be final. No further appeals will be allowed on that incident.