Registration/Check-In Begins at 8:00 am — I should have sent your Captain a waiver form for each parent/guardian to sign. Please bring with you to register. If you forgot to bring it, we will have them there at the registration tent. Each player must have it signed before playing or they will not be able to play. If you like to come early and shoot around we will have the Gym open for you. We will also have Pucketts Trolley be there on the grounds if you get hungry. Also, we will have a concession tent that will be selling waters and snacks that will go towards Our Thrift Store.

Games will Begin at 9:00 am — Each Division Bracket will be placed at the Registration Tent. When you have completed your game, the Team Captain will bring the scoresheet to the Registration Table.

Each team will be guaranteed a 3 game minimum.

During the Tournament we will be having Contest outside for some great prizes. You may go home with a new Spalding Beast Basketball Goal.

Courtesy of Play It Again Sports in Brentwood.

We have teamed up with  WILLIAMSON COUNTY and the CITY OF FRANKLIN to help raise and collect Backpacks and School Supplies for Houston.  SO PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD. We will have a Tent for those Donations. In the mist of the hour this is where it All counts. BATTLE3ON3 is focused on helping others in their time of need and we are grateful that you are part of it by being here.



Orange Division (Court 1)

9:00 amFranklin Warriors 4th Grade vs FrankTown Ballers

9:30 amThe Little 5 vs FrankTown J Squad


Blue Division (Court 2)

9:00 am  — Bubba Foundation 3 vs Franklin Warriors 6th

9:30 amFranklin Warriors vs Bubba Foundation 4

10:00 am Born to Ball vs Brigade


Black Division (Girls) (Court 3)

9:00 amLady Warriors vs Bubba Foundation 1

9:30 amBubba Foundation 2 vs (Winner of Game 1)


Red Division (Court 4)

9:00 amHendersonville Cash vs FCA 2

9:30 amBig Dawgs vs FrankTown Red

10:00 am Commandos vs (Winner of Game 1)

10:00 amFCA 1 vs The Tropics (Court 3)

10:00 amFrankTown Black vs FrankTown Black 2 (Court 1)